The Barranco burning (Salvamento Maritimo)


The Maritime Executive

05-03-2019 04:38:15

One fisherman died and four were injured Friday when a fire broke out aboard a trawler off Port de la Selva, Catalonia. 

At about 0800 hours, while the trawler Barranco was operating in French waters, she caught fire due to unknown causes. A good samaritan vessel, the trawler Berto, responded to the scene, along with the Salvamento Marítimo rescue boats Alnilam and Sirius. 

AVPC Port de la Selva

The Berto took four survivors from the Barranco on board, according to Salvamento Marítimo. The rescuees showed symptoms of hypothermia and were taken to a hospital in Figueres for treatment. The body of the victim was recovered and will be transferred to Girona for an autopsy.

The wreck of the Barranco has since sunk, according to the government of Girona. 

Spain’s Guardia Civil is heading an investigation into the casualty. The cause of the fire is not yet known, but a spokesperson for the local fishermen’s association said that the boat was relatively new and «modern.» It was built of fiberglass, according to the spokesperson, which is itself flammable once a fire begins and can ignite at temperatures above 700 degrees Fahrenheit.  


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