South Korean flagship carrier HMM has unveiled its new Fleet Control Centre at the company’s R&D hub in Busan.

The high-tech facility centre monitors and controls the operation of HMM’s fleet, providing an integrated platform for vessel-to-shore data and increased connectivity. Its real-time monitoring system offers plenty of information with full visibility including vessel performance, locations, fuel consumption, ocean weather and cargo information. The vessels also can benefit from a remote control system which supports a wide range of vessel operations including inspection and repair works on the machinery on ships.

Digital capabilities have become a key element in securing a competitive edge

In addition, each vessel is encouraged to identify and react to an unexpected threat or obstacle both onboard and around the ship by sharing information with the Fleet Control Centre in a timely manner.

HMM said in a release it will continue to analyse operational efficiency metrics and explore the commercial viability of autonomous ships based on big data collected from the centre. The line has recently tied up with compatriot yard Samsung Heavy Industries to explore the design of the next generation of high tech containerships.

Jae-hoon Bae, president and CEO of HMM, said, “Digital capabilities have become a key element in securing a competitive edge. We will accelerate efforts to enhance operational excellence and efficiency in our fleet managemen. We will also gradually apply the smart ship solutions not only to our newbuilds but also to the other ships already in operation.”


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